Hi there! Our names are Jackson Fysh and Genevra Howard. We’re a young couple living in Sydney, Australia. We’re also aspiring homesteaders!

Genevra (Ginny) absolutely loves horses and horse riding. So on our farm we’re going to have horse agistment and eventually horse riding lessons. Jackson loves horses too but his passion lies with food. So he’s going to focus on raising pigs, chickens and eventually ducks and goats. He’s also going to grow all sorts of fruit and veggies. Together we make an awesome team.

Before we can move to our farm we have a huge journey ahead of us. For the next few years we’ll be learning all we can. Neither of us grew up on a farm so we’re super amateur. But that’s why we’re starting early. We’ll be taking on horse riding, farm management, livestock management, horticulture, permaculture, bee-keeping and lots more.

As well as learning all of these new skills we’ll be travelling around Central NSW and the rural coast in search of our new farm. Go to our blog page to read our journey in full.

Thanks for joining us!